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123 Years Excellence - Northwest Publishing Center

♦♦♦ 123 Years of Printing in the Pacific Northwest ♦♦♦

Back in 1893 four years after Washington became the 42nd state, three years before Henry Ford produced his first motor car, and four years prior to the great stampede to the Klondike Gold Fields — Newman-Burrows Co. began offering commercial printing services to Seattle’s 42,800 pioneering population.

Over the following 123 years, Newman-Burrows has continued to meet the Northwest printing market needs by keeping pace with the latest in printing techniques and equipment technology, successfully maintaining our status as a leading print provider for regional publishers. We are honored to be listed among Washington's Century Club success stories.

Today, with the evolution of Newman-Burrows into Northwest Publishing Center, the combined company represents the a single-source provider offering a broad range of services to publishers of trade, regional and association magazines, tabloids, directories, catalogs, manuals and ancillary marketing materials in the Northwest.

We invite you to review all of the publisher services currently being offered by Northwest Publishing Center to discuss a strategy to put our incomparable printing, publishing and marketing expertise to work on your next project, please
give us a call — (206) 324-5644.